Back Row Land Investments has over 100 years of investment and property development experience.  Our primary focus is obtaining land through specific search methodologies to maximise return for our investors and give a real return for local communities we develop for.

Unlike other Land Investment companies we are not interested in ‘sitting’ on land for decades to watch the price grow as the development grows scarce.  Our target is to create beautiful green towns that will ease the housing crisis, develop community facilities and promote a healthy vibrant commerce system in every community we develop.

We have teamed up with state-of-the-art architecture, building teams and forward thinking councils to bring our vision to life.

Our Vision

The most pertinent pieces of information about BRLI, their style of operation and the key characteristics of the investment scheme are detailed below.


  • Identify Land and landowners on fringe areas for development.
  • Work with local councils and government entities to establish a development plan.
  • Investor returns is fixed at 100% for the duration of the project.
  • The investment is secured by first legal charge on the underlying asset.


BRLI are committed to ethical investment pathways.  we are not just making money but striving to establish a reputation of gold standard regeneration and land development. As a part of working with us you are helping to:

  • Deliver high quality affordable homes.
  • Develop environmental, energy efficient homes that are easy to sustain.
  • Develop communities, not just homes, by putting in social centres, shopping, banking, and usable green space
  • Develop the local job market and skill set by putting grass root training schemes in place to leave a legacy.
  • Raising up to 25% of the investment return for charity.

Investment Timeline



BRLI researches everything from government policy, statistics, local plans and local knowledge in its pursuit of the right sites to develop.  Once identified a full dossier on the land is created to ensure viability.



Before we obtain the land we make sure we mitigate as much risk as possible through overage and option agreements.  This gives us control of the land without taking huge risks.



As soon as the contract is sorted we submit a pre-plan application.  this allows us to raise the value of the land under pre-conditions of planning.  This can provide a return of investment within 6 months.


Full Planning

This is an in-depth process that can last 2 years.  Utilising our expert legal, architecture and planning teams we ensure that we get maximum output from each site.  This is a secondary Returns phase which provide greater return value for longer investment terms.



We are unique partnerships with state-of-the-art building companies that mean we can secure the ‘back end’ of developments.  This development phase os often modular to allow us to hit environmental, green, energy efficient targets while maintaining high levels of employment and community sustainability.  This phase allows for the greatest return of investment but the longest time invested.

Our Mission

  1. Partnerships

    Our mission is to partner with local councils and government departments to create sustainable housing and community facilities that are easily maintained and sustained.  We don’t want to waste money on what is not needed and so our relationships mean we build exactly what is needed, where it is needed to ensure the communities thrive.

  2. Beautification

    Our mission is to develop communities that will stand the test of time.  We work with local focus groups to turn our projects into works of art that the surrounding areas be envious of.

  3. Affordable

    When you own your home the worst phrase to be uttered is ‘social housing’.  Our social housing is not focused on creating ‘ASBO’ communities, but facilitating the ever changing lives that people live.  Our focus is on helping elderly people downsize their homes, freeing up key inner city space for working families to take advantage of; Young starter homes for people to want a place to call their own without the exuberant associated costs; community facilities; medical facilities; start-up and office space; key worker homes.

  4. Job Creation

    All our employment is sourced locally.  This means each development brings with it up to 1000 new jobs, each comes with a training program that will develop the base level skill set of the local population.

    This can help stimulate the local economy

ProfessionalInvestment Management

We pride ourselves on our ability to do our job in a professional and timely manner.  Our levels of communication are unparalleled meaning you are kept abreast of developments as they happen so we take your worry out of your investment choices.


We aim to save time by streamlining the processes to achieve perfect results at the first time of asking.  We make sure that every eventuality is considered to ensure that our vision is realised.

QualityGold Standard

Everything we put our name to will carry our seal of quality.  Where it is the investment or the development side of working with us, we will not accept anything less than perfection.